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Good Enough To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving just seems like its laced with so many horrors that it ought to be called Halloween II.

Not that Neal was the culprit this year.

Actually, as much as I hate to admit it, he was nothing short of tolerable. First in that I can see now just how much he makes my mom happy. Its like shes gotten her smile backthe one she lost years ago when my dad left. Even the Thanksgiving Grinch would have to give him points for that.

Besides he bought me this really cool antique lace shawl. I think thats good enough for double points. Dont you?

No, this year it was Jennifer my sister-in-law who was That Thing Most Evil. I seriously dont know what was up her butt. She was on me from the second I walked in moms house.

Hey Alexa. Didnt have time for a haircut?

And then there was, Of course she looks great. When you dont bother getting married or having kids you can go to the gym six times a week.

And then, my favorite and hers, Those boots areinteresting, said with a weighted pause and a look of disdain. This statement proved to have innumerable variations: those earrings areinteresting; that bra isinteresting; that ring isinteresting.

Apparently I have an interesting wardrobe.

Now the thing about these kind of comments is you cant really address the menace behind them, you know? Theyre just short of confrontational. Instead theyre like this mass of mosquitoes following you around all weekend, moving in for the bite anytime you look away. And all you can do is swat them and hope for the best.

Too bad they dont make Off! for sister-in-laws, huh?

I tried to talk to Pete about it, but hes pretty useless when Jen is on a tear. Its like she hooks onto a mood and it automatically switches my brother to the off mode. I imagine hes just happy to have someone else be the chosen target for a little while.

I want to be sympathetic, to rise above it. I know having three kidsone whos an infantcant be easy, even with some help. I tried to play with Tyler and Emma as much as possible and to give her breaks with Buela too. But being around Jen too much just made me want to give her a breakin her arm.

Apparently I wasnt the only one who had a tough Thanksgiving. D called me a couple of hours ago to see what I was doing later in the week. Hes gotten a group together to go to Good Enough To Eat where well all order the Turkey Dinner with the works. Its a Thanksgiving Do-over for all of us.

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